Redaelli Athletic

Style before competition


Velvet, once the cloth of kings and queens, princes and emperors, is now making its debut appearance on mountains and ski slopes as the material of choice for intrepid explorers and heroes of the mountains looking to protect themselves from the elements. Redaelli is bringing all its experience in high fashion velvets to the table and asking the question of why function always has to be associated with a high-tech look. The answer to this is a capsule collection of velvets with functional features that can compete with the materials traditionally used in the sportswear and outdoor industry and are making new fashion statements. Time to take a new direction. Time for a romantic fashion-sport crossover – straight from the catwalk to the slopes.

jacket: article PIUMA | cape: article WOOLLY | gloves, poles, beanie: privat
down jacket: article PIUMA 2L | scarf: article OLTREOCEANO PF
jacket: article CORINTH EMB | dress: article ANGELICA SOLEIL TIGER | scarf: private
her jacket: article PIUMA | cape: article WOOLLY | leggins: article PETRA FLUO | his coat: article WOOLLY | pants: article BREMAR COMFORT | accessoires: privat