suit: article GEORGE V | top: article MAINE | braid hat: private
top: article MAINE | braid hat: private

Mad Eve

Step inside Redaelli’s I20 collection story and you’ll find yourself surrounded by alluring mid-century styles that really capture the essence of the period. Ever since Mad Men’s Don Draper left our TV screens, no other man has ever lived up to him in terms of style, appeal and coolness. Woman desire him. Men want to be desired like him, or at least look as cool as he does when sipping a scotch and taking a long, drawn-out drag of his cigarette. But the female roles of the series are by no means inferior: they are intelligent, sexy, powerful, vulnerable, kind, strong, career-minded – and always stylish. From Betty Draper’s frothy, swishing robes to Joan’s curve-enhancing dresses and Peggy’s modern take on officewear, the show’s sartorial impact cannot be denied, with the characters’ style legacy living on way after the series ended.
Inspired by this era, the subdued colour palette of Redaelli’s current collection is also timelessly chic: teal blues, burnt oranges and olive greens are set against walnut and teak browns, caramel golds, deep leather and plaid wallpaper designs. The scene is set for a journey back in time to the mid-20th century…
top: article LUTON MATT | skirt: article KRETA


top: article LUTON MATT | skirt: article KRETA | coat: article ORVIETO


her coat: article ORVIETO | his coat: article WOOLLY