Interior Collection

Redaelli Velvet Fur – A journey to sustainable luxury

For many years now, we have been working on the development of high-quality fur substitutes on the basis of our velvets. Our journey began at Première Vision Paris 2014 with our first market launch of the 100% harm-free “Velvet Fur”. Back then we presented what was admittedly a very controversial showroom in order to bring attention to the cause. And our message was clear: #saveanimalskin. Since then we haven’t stopped improving the quality and reducing the ecological footprint of our velvet furs so we can offer our clients extraordinary products for both interiors and apparel. It’s more than a plush, it’s a Velvet Fur! Over the years we have developed various qualities and approaches to fur substitutes. Our latest collection ties in with traditional procedures of long-pile woven fur combined with state-of-the-art technology and allows us to create unique pile lengths. Our velvet furs are woven, not knitted and are therefore very durable, while still offering plenty of individualisation options.

NOW and NEW – Redaelli is re-creating a family of successful classics

Redaelli is relaunching a family of faux furs based on synthetic fibres. Starting with the development of the yarns, the items, which were very successful in the past, have been adapted to the present day and now impress with their desirable properties: an extremely natural look and feel, thick, fur-typical awn hairs and a dense pile. Despite being relatively lightweight, the faux fur is extremely sturdy and resistant.