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jumpsuite: article PIUMA STRETCH + BEN
top: private | pants: article BENSON

Tennis Punk

In the second part of the “Style before competition” photo shoot, Redaelli Velluti is bringing together what appears at first glance to be two contradictory opposites: the luxurious attitudes of the “white sport” and the protest attitude of punk. Velvet is an unexpected material for tennis outfits, but in contrast to the ultra-sporty image of today’s tennis, it is resulting in a look that brings style to the fore. 
Remember when iconic player and rebel Andre Agassi wasn’t only at the top of his game by playing phenomenal tennis, but also making the court his catwalk? There aren’t many players who can live up to his extravagant outfits, flashy colours and 90s fashion statements.
Let’s bring back those days…
top: article PETRA FLUO | skirt: article ANGELOCA SOLEIL FOLD


top: private | pants: article ZAFFIRO CANGIANTE EMB PAINT


top: article LUTON MAT | pants: article FANNY BIS