Redaelli is proud to present an exclusive new line of naturally dyed velvets, made with »Cinque Terre«

»Cinque Terre« natural soils are mineral substances supplied by the nature, made from iron oxidation products. This means they come from recycled, natural elements.


When treated properly they can be developed to replace synthetic pigments in the colouring of fabrics. Thanks to a new generation of bio-polymers, Cinque Terre pigments have an exceptional light fastness performance, which can be used with our apparel fabrics as well as our interior articles.


Depending on the type and density of minerals within them and the refining processes they undergo the soil can produce colours in almost any shade. The understated delicacy of the tones, found otherwise only in nature, sets them apart and means that »Cinque Terre« is unrivalled by any other synthetic pigment currently available on the market.


Developed by italien company FTR S.p.a., Redaelli has the exclusive rights of use for dyeing velvet fabrics with »Cinque Terre«.