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Our colour, our technology, our passion.

Velvet is above all customization. Our Style Department is always in search of original projects, including in conjunction with our customers. Our products are always in tune with new market trends, thanks to the very latest technologies.


Our workshops are equipped with pilot machines that faithfully reproduce industrial plants for highly reliable end results in only a short space of time.

This enables us to supply our Customers with extremely high-quality, one-of-a-kind products, with exceptional properties because fully-tested, in such a way as to guarantee authentic quality.



Our fabrics are special, elegant and never of banal appearance. This can be put down to the untiring fabric research that goes into creating three-dimensional effects. We use the most modern technologies, such as motif brushing, hot design embossing, jacquard weaving and star dyeing.



Because the exclusiveness of our velvet does not stop with its outward appearance but above all concerns the way we manufacture it. We are projected towards latest-generation technologies which permit reducing environmental impact. Our workshops are constantly engaged in experimenting new production methods able to reduce and ultimately totally eliminate the use of chemical products in the various manufacturing phases.