We are velvet

Three brands, three distinct universes joined together by a single fascinating link: velvet, plain and corduroy.
The quality of our products originates in vertically-integrated production, from weaving to finishing and in ongoing technological and stylistic research.

Surprising fashion effects are created in jacquard looms, design embossing, motif brushings…
Trust and quality have always played lead role in our history.
This represents the most precious part of our heritage, fortified by centuries-old specialization and know-how acquired year after year.
We are part of the Marzotto Group. The leader of fabrics and the leader of velvets together to give life to an alliance which marks the departure point for new important production synergies...

1893: Alfredo Redaelli founded Redaelli Velluti in Lecco.
The company soon began setting the standards and became world leader in the production of warp velvets.



1913: The first historical production facility was located in Rancio, though company prosperity grew, starting in 1913, following the setting up of a new facility in Mandello del Lario, on the shores of Lake Como.

1993: A century of uninterrupted production for Redaelli Velluti. Over the years, the company underwent restructuring and modernization, with the reorganization of production facilities in an innovative perspective.

2007: Redaelli Velluti bought out the long-established German group, Girmes Gmbh, well-known world producer of velvet and faux furs, with its brands: Niedieck, a historical German brand established in 1879 and Christoph Andreae, a prestigious manufacturer of velvet for furnishings, set up in 1687.

2012: Thanks to Redaelli Velluti, the Marzotto Group range of products was enhanced with all the quality and experience of brands well-established in the world of velvet. The takeover also included the centuries-old historical archive and Sametex, the velvet manufacturing giant, with its two production facilities in Kraslice in the Czech Republic.