11 - 13 July 2017

Rho, Milan


19 - 21 September 2017



Our stand in Milano Unica and Première Vision


ROUGH- LUXE is a new way of looking at luxury as a moment in time and not only a part of an object of consumption. Luxury is an enriching personal experience and not only an ownership of an expensive object. 

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In conjunction with just one material, the pile of our velvet, the essence of Redaelli's creativity represents a new dimension of diversity and sensuality.


The production of the velvet is a unique process offering a wealth of opportunities that go beyond flat weaving. Here the spotlight is on extreme opposites and the greatest possible freedom of design. Redaelli is defining this diversity and transalting velvet into a modern context. The looks of the collection are therefore very wide-ranging. Between minimalistic NEO CLASSICS and the ostentation of the GOLDEN EMPIRE, they also include BLUE BLOOD for indigo fabrics, TWEEDRUN as a heritage story and VELVET FUR as a new brand for sustainably woven fur.


What they all have in common is their quest for the highest possible level of genuineness, originality and authenticity in terms of the materials and form of expression. 






Redaelli Velluti propone le proprie collezioni per interior design e contract a Proposte 2015


Redaelli Velluti - Techtextil


A sunny, retro beach to present Niedieck, Redaelli and Girmes collections at Milano Unica and Première Vision.

Colored and sunny lines for a young and sporty look, fibers research gives an elegant and refined effect.

New concept, a style lightened in weights and measures, with fine details.